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Make it What?When?Trigger.

Our premium Beacon recipe makes marketing a breeze. 


With Blueacon you may choose the nature and time of a contextual mobile engagement campaign. Share your mobile content in just 3 steps:


Choose your ingredients. 
Here you can choose between our two tasty ingredients: URL and App Intents.


Open standard links like your website or landing page. Blueacon supports both http and https links,  so we got your covered.

App Intent

Send notifications with big covers and stand out of the crowd. Open them inside apps and let customers interact.
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Set your timer. 
Set how long do you want to cook (run) your proximity campaign. You get to choose from dates and days of the week to hours and minutes. 

Blueacon supports time targeted notifications for Nearby as well as Physical web. This unique feature lets users have more freedom of choice over beacons.


Push the button. 
You are all set for your campaign. You get to review and see how the notification will look on phones via our ‘notification viewer‘. Now with only push of a button, your campaign is out on every nearby phone.

Your beacon recipe campaign is thus served in just three easy steps. Blueacon supports Google Nearby and Physical web for Android and ibeacon for iOS, so you are never left out.


Analyze the results of your mobile marketing and communication campaigns, find the best context for your campaigns to benefit your users and your business.